19 abril 2015

Bob Crosby - Last call for you

#Jazz #BigBands

Bob Crosby Orchestra, Last Call for You.  
Recorded in March 3rd, 1942.

Bob Crosby (band leader) and (probably) Max Herman (trumpet), Yank Lawson, Lyman Vunk (tp), Jess Stacy (p), Floyd O'Brien (trombonist), Buddy Morrow (trombonist), Elmer Smithers (trombone); Matty Matlock  (clarinettist, saxophonist, arranger), Doc Rando, Art Mendelsohn (cl,as) Eddie Miller (cl,ts,vcl) Gil Rodin (ts,bar) Nappy Lamare (g,vcl) Bob Haggart (b,arr) Ray Bauduc (d) Phil Moore (arr).
Bob Crosby was Bing Crosby's younger brother. His band continues to perform today.

George Robert "Bob" Crosby (August 23, 1913 – March 9, 1993).

With Judy Garland in the movie Presenting Lily Mars

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