11 setembro 2014

KCEA Jazz radio

The Big Bands are back!    
Big bands flourished through the Great Depression (the 1930s). 

During World War II jazz was used to lift the morale of American troops.

It also helped to overcome segregation, because many of the most famous big bands were fully integrated by black musicians or mixed. 

They served to spread some cultural patterns all over the world, along with cinema and cartoons.   
Big bands provided some great musical standards. Most important: it is fabulous music.

In the cartoon above, Count Basie, Benny Goodman (middle) and Artie Shaw (at the right, also with the clarinet).

Playlist: KCEA's homepage.

KCEA player.


If KCEA streaming seems to be experiencing problems, listen to Jazz Music at I Love Jazz   
Try also Swissradio Jazz Station.

If you're not listening to the music, 
Try TuneIn
Or open your music player (VLC, Windows Media Player, ITunes, Real Player, etc)  and press comands ctrl+U and paste http://streaming.rubinbroadcasting.com/kcea

Caso você não esteja ouvindo a música
Tente pela página do  TuneIn
Ou abra seu player de música (VLC, Windows Media Player, ITunes, Real Player, etc), pressione ctrl+U e, na janela que abrir, cole o link http://streaming.rubinbroadcasting.com/kcea

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