02 novembro 2012

Cobertura da mídia está mais negativa a Obama do que em 2008

Imagem do presidente "azedou" do dia pra noite, após primeiro debate (em que Obama reconheceu ter ido mal).
Há uma mídia onde Obama se sai bem: o Twitter. 
MSNBC (pró-Democrata) e Fox (pró-Republicanos) continuam sendo os veículos mais partidarizados.
O estudo é do Pew's Project for Excellence in Journalism.

Read the full study here

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Obama's media coverage more negative in 2012 than in 2008, study finds 

A new study from Pew's Project for Excellence in Journalism finds that the media has covered both Obama and Romney more negatively than positively since the week of the Republican National Convention in August.

Overall from August 27 through October 21, 19% of stories about Obama studied in a cross section of mainstream media were clearly favorable in tone while 30% were unfavorable and 51% mixed. This is a differential of 11 percentage points between unfavorable and favorable stories. For Romney, 15% of the stories studied were favorable, 38% were unfavorable and 47% were mixed—a differential toward negative stories of 23 points.
Obama's coverage "changed almost overnight" following the first presidential debate on Oct. 3, according to the study, with just 13 percent of stories considered favorable in the weeks that followed.
In addition to traditional media, PEJ studied social media and found one platform where the president had an advantage. The Twitter conversation, PEJ found, "has consistently been harsher for Romney than for Obama."And the ideological leanings of two cable news networks came through in the study, which found that "71% of the [MSNBC] segments studied about Romney were negative in nature, compared with just 3% that were positive -- a ratio of roughly 23-to-1." On Fox News, 46% of Obama segments were negative, with only 6% positive.