12 julho 2012

A ofensiva chinesa na América Latina e Caribe

"It is clear that China has already begun constructing that strategic relationship according to its own interests; however, Latin America and the Caribbean is far from trying the same with China, from a regional point of view and in accordance with its own interests".

"The Chinese-LAC trade potential is huge, not only in the trade area but also in the financial area; in technological cooperation, in educational and cultural cooperation, and, of course, in political-diplomatic terms. Out of the 33 countries in our region, 21 keep full diplomatic relations with China and 12 with Taiwan".

"A total of 11 LAC countries concentrate most of the trade and financial exchange with China and also prioritize political dialogue with the Asian nation: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela in South America; Cuba in the Caribbean, and Mexico. These countries are responsible for most exchanges of visits at the level of Heads of State and high-ranking authorities between China and LAC, as well as bilateral strategic agreements. Nevertheless, it should be noted that each country has established such links in its own interest and based on its special features".

Recent_developments_in_economic_relations_between_China_and_LAC.pdfRead the full document in pdf

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