04 fevereiro 2012

Iran: a problem that USA made bigger

Mistake after mistake, United States have promised no to fail in Iran's problem.
By the way, a problem to which they gave a great contribution.

The New Yorker remembers:

"In the State of the Union address of 1954, which Dwight Eisenhower delivered less than a year after he had secretly ordered the C.I.A. to overthrow Tehran’s left-leaning government, he celebrated “the forces of stability and freedom” at work in Iran. In 1980, Jimmy Carter delivered his annual address amid the whirlwind of Iran’s Islamic and anti-American revolution, which was inflamed in part by Iranians’ memories of Eisenhower’s coup. “We will face these challenges,” Carter declared. 'And we will not fail.'
The review concludes that:

"There is reason to doubt, though, that an attack on Iran is imminent". We hope they know peace requires the agreement between the two countries. But it is necessary only one country to make war.

Two days latter, the American Secretary of Defense anounced that Israel was ready to make war against Iran. Ok, Israel is not the USA. Is the problem solved?