02 fevereiro 2012

Another bet against Hugo Chávez

The problem is that anti-Chávez propaganda doesn't help to understand what is really happening in Venezuela.  

It is important to remember that it is not the first time some say that Chávez's opposition is able to defeat the president.

Foreign Affairs is now assuring that "this year, there will finally be a real contest for power in Caracas - the opposition to Hugo Chávez is consolidating power". (Michael Penfold, Venezuela's New Face?). 

But Penfold is the author of "Dragon in the Tropics: Hugo Chávez and the Political Economy of Revolution in Venezuela" (Javier Corrales,Michael Penfold). Far from analysis, the book seems to be  a religious liberal cruzade in which the warriors are supposed to play Saint George's role.
They certainly hate Chávez and still don't know who he really is. That's why the dragon can have a long life, as any other mith.